Many times people visit Kenya simply for safaris while failing to plan any explorations outside of that, but Kenya has so much more to offer so I’d like to show you how to spend one week in Kenya outside of your safari. As you all know, I’m a budget traveler so an expensive safari was not on my list, but I still wanted to see exotic animals and explore as much of the beauty Kenya has to offer as possible. So here’s the perfect one-week itinerary for Kenya. I’m going to make the itinerary for a Monday through Sunday trip, but you can adjust as necessary according to your personal travel schedule.

Day 1 (Monday):

When you arrive in Kenya, you’ll need to be able just rest for the first day maybe just grabbing dinner at your hotel or a nearby spot. The length of your journey will tire you out a great deal so be sure to plan for that.
Travel tip #1: Sleep the entire flight if possible because it helps you to avoid jetlag. Only wake up for meals.


Day 2 (Tuesday):

Wake up ready for adventure spending the day touring Nairobi. First, make a stop at Kijabe Maasai Market where you will find the best deals on souvenirs. After the market, stop at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: A Haven for Elephants and Rhinos. After this amazing experience, make a slight detour and head to the Giraffe Center where you can feed and interact with the most beautiful giraffes. This center was established to protect endangered giraffe so you are also helping to protect the animals through your entrance fee. After you have lunch with the giraffes, visit the Bomas of Kenya, which displays
traditional villages belonging to several Kenyan tribes. It’s quite an experience to see all those different types of huts built by the hands of the people. They also have a traditional dance from 2:30-4pm which is not to be missed. It is held on the Bomas premises at the largest auditorium in Kenya. You’ll be pretty tired at this point so wind down with a delicious meal at The Talisman, which you will find
in the same neighborhood of Karen. Don’t worry, it’s a casual mostly outdoor restaurant so no need to run home and get fancy. You’ll be pretty tired by the end of this full day of activities so you may want to head back to your hotel to rest and maybe just grab a drink in the hotel lobby. Travel tip #2: Kigabe Maasai Market is only open on Tuesdays.

Travel tip #3: The David Sheldrick Elephant & Rhino Orphanage is only open from 11 to 12pm, but if you adopt an elephant, you can also see them at 5pm privately. Donation amount is only $50 to adopt.


Day 3 (Wednesday):

Road trip!! Take a day trip to Lake Naivasha. On the way,
stop at Rift Valley View Point along the Naivasha Highway and get those great
Instagram shots. Then head to Hell’s Gate National Park where you can rent a
bike at the junction. After the bike ride, hike the Hell’s Gate Gorge then drive to
the natural springs to relax and have lunch. That’s a full day and time to head
back to the city.

Travel tip #4: Bikes at the junction are cheaper than the park bikes. $5 for the bike and
$15 for the guide. The ride is 7 miles to view wildlife.

Day 4 (Thursday):

Wake up early and do a safari at the Nairobi National Park. When I went, I booked a $50 safari tour on Airbnb Experiences. If you just want
to walk and see the animals then you can opt for the Nairobi Safari Walk where you walk along an elevated wooden boardwalk winding through the safari park
with lions, rhinos, cheetahs and leopards. After your safari, grab some lunch then take a nice nap because you’ll need it
because this is the night you party the night away. Kenyans party all night so be ready. When you arrive, go to your table and grab a burger and a beer. There will
be live music at 8pm then a live DJ for the rest of the evening. The party will not end until the sun comes up. Enjoy!

Travel tip #5: The $50pp tour is only on Wednesdays, but if you just reach out to him, he will host you on any day you choose. If you’re solo, you’ll have to pay $100 any
day other than Wednesday.

Travel tip #6: When you arrive on Monday, have your hotel concierge make a reservation for you at J’s Fresh Bar & Kitchen on Muthangari Drive. Otherwise,
you will not get a seat. FYI: Don’t eat the pizza. Just have a burger.


Day 5 (Friday):

Weekend getaway! Take an early morning flight to Mombasa and drive to Diani Beach. Check out one of the local resorts and relax by the pool and enjoy a nice beach weekend. Make sure you take a ride on a camel while on the beach. Also, check out Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant. Yes, it is really on the inside of a cave. Stay for drinks in the bar after dinner and dance the night away with locals and other tourists.

Day 6 (Saturday):

Take a Day trip to Watamu and enjoy their beautiful beaches or even go snorkeling. At sunset, take a boat ride on Mida Creek and explore the
mangroves. Then have some crabs at The Crab Shack on the water.


Day 7 (Sunday):

Head back to Nairobi and rest up for your upcoming safari. This will make for a most amazing trip. Even if you cannot cover everything in this itinerary, do as much as you can. It’s well worth it.

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